Saturday, March 20, 2010

These Words Meant Death

"Jesus is Lord."
So easy to say, isn't it?
"Oh, yes, Jesus is Lord of my life."
I hesitate to use this tone, because you should indeed recognize Jesus as the Lord of your life. And mine. And everyone's for that matter. But I'm going to use it anyway.
Lord of your life, Lord of your schmife.
Jesus is Lord, PERIOD. He's the Lord of every life. It matters not whether that soul recognizes His Lordship or not. Is it not He who created us, and gives us our every breath? Is He not I AM, who forms life in every womb and snuffs out life simply by withdrawing his sustaining power? Is it not He who destroyed Egypt and delivered Israel through the Red Sea, and appeared in fire on Mount Sinai?
The question is not, "is Jesus Lord of your life?"
Or even worse, "have you made Jesus Lord of your life?"
As if it is in our power to bestow Lordship on our Creator!!

There is only one question.

"Do you confess, 'Jesus is Lord?'"

The first people who confessed Jesus as Lord lived in the Roman Empire -- a religiously tolerant regime with but one law of confession: Caesar is Lord.
To confess any other meant death.
"Jesus is Lord." Those who spoke these words were tortured, crucified, skinned alive, burned alive, beheaded, hacked to pieces by the sword...
It is an easy thing now to say, "Jesus is Lord."
But just try confessing it -- all hell will break loose upon you.

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Molly said...

Interesting thoughts James! I never stopped to think about it that way before!