Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ezra and Kyleigh's Wedding.

My brother Ezra and his bride Kyleigh were married a week ago today, on January 11th. I have posted about it on my new blog, but thought that to help people know that I now blog elsewhere, I should notify anyone who might see it here.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A New Blog

All, I am blogging once again, after several years of little to no posting.
But not here.
I'm posting on a new blog:
I debated about whether or not I should simply pick up this blog once more, but decided against it because the reasons I am blogging again are different from the reasons I blogged before.  Before I would blog whatever was on my mind.  Often it was political.  Sometimes it was a video that I found interesting.  The result was it lacked cohesion, and didn't have a purpose that was worth the discipline of blogging (for me, it is a discipline).
I now have more specific reasons for blogging: to be accountable, to be encouraging, and to point my fellow Christians to Christ as we follow Him together.
To be accountable:  In particular, I am memorizing Scripture as a New Year's resolution, and keeping you all updated with my progress will help me to stay on task.  I'm sure that there are other ways this new blog will serve this purpose.
To be encouraging:  I hope that as you read what I am doing, what I am thinking, and how God is leading me, it will be encouraging to you as a fellow believer.
To point you to Christ:  The Christian life is not ultimately about a way to walk, a set of rules to follow, a religion, going to church or a group of people to fellowship with (although it is or includes these things).  It is ultimately about Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who became sin for us to reconcile us to God.  Christ is ultimate in everything and permeates everything in a Christian's life.  If your eyes are on Him, you will not stray.  Take your eyes off of him, and you will sink.  It is my hope that what I write on my new blog will consistently point you to Christ.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tagged again.

I've been blogger tagged again.  By Anna.  Of course.
Here are the rules given to me by Anna.

If you are tagged/nominated, you must post eleven facts about yourself.
- Then, you must answer the eleven questions the tagger has given you and make eleven questions for the people you are going to tag.
- Next, tag eleven more bloggers.
- Tell the people you tagged that you have tagged them.
- No tagging back.
- The person you tagged must have less than 200 followers.

Now, I am bound to follow these rules.  However, there was nothing in these rules that said I couldn't change the rules for whomever I would tag.
So, here is the new set of rules.
If you are tagged:  You don't have to do anything!  However, here are some suggestions:
Follow Anna's rules, but loosely.  Feel free to tag back.  Feel free to tag Anna.
If you don't feel up to continuing the storm of blogger-tagging, you can always just leave a comment instead.

Eleven fun facts:
1. I'm training to be a software developer.  That means computer programming.
2. I like the outdoors.
3. I'm the oldest of eight.
4. I have two brothers in the Navy.
5. I'm 5' 7 & 15/16".  Which also means I'm honest in admitting I'm not quite 5' 8".
6. I have settled on two jokes as the best.  The best knock-knock joke ever is, "Knock knock."  "Who's there?"  "To."  "To who?"  "No, To WHOM."
The best joke that is not a knock knock joke is this:  "An optician fell into a lens-grinder and made a spectacle of himself."
7. I help run the sound-board at my church.
8. I'm Irish and Welsh.  Celtic to the core.
9. If I could become skilled in the use of any kind of sword, I would choose the rapier.
10. Applesauce is delicious.
11. Someday I'm going to retire and live in a cabin in the woods.  And write novels.

Here are the questions Anna asked.

1. If you could meet your death at the hand of any fictional character, who would be your worthy opponent?
Ernest P. Worrel.
2. What kind of character would you be in a science fiction epic?
A homesteader on a distant planet minding my own business and hoping to be ignored by whatever galactic wars might be raging beyond my particular solar system.
3. If you decided to be a super villain, would you win? Why or why not?
Of course I would win.  If I lost, it would mean that some other supper villain (Anna?) won, and we can't have that, now, can we?
4. Pick a plant - tree, flower, herb, or something else flora. Now character sketch: What is his/her personality as a human?
A weeping willow.  A weeping willow would be a quiet and steady person, loyal, grieving at other people's troubles and offering them comfort and solace.

5. What's an unpopular opinion you hold about music?
Don't get me started.
Well, now that you mention it, I think rock music is terrible, and if an electromagnetic pulse from the sun fried electronics world wide, most of today's bad music would be wiped out.  I also think that, in general, there's no contest between a time-tested hymn and most of the modern stuff that we head-bang to in churches these days.
I warned you, my opinion would be unpopular.  And I held myself back.  Really, I did.
6. What do you do with notebooks/sketchpads/journals/diaries/similar once you've filled them up?
Keep them.  You don't throw stuff like that away.
7. Your doorbell rings. Surprise! It's me! What is your first thought/action?
I never did finish that epic poem...
8. What book/movie/show do you love that you wouldn't recommend to anyone else?
If I had one, would I admit it?
9. You offer a shivering eight-year-old stranger your coat. She smiles at you, and you're not sure if it's a nice smile or a cruel smile, and runs away. You stick your hands in your pockets only to find something in them that wasn't there before. What is it?
A key, and a note with a riddle that does not make sense until later.
10. What is the loveliest voice to fall asleep to?
That honor is reserved for my wife.  Since I do not have one yet, I cannot give an answer.
11. Did you ever get excited when you found out two people you know (or know of) know each other? If so, who?
I'm afraid I've never had this experience before.  Of if I have, I can't remember.

Now, here are my eleven questions.
1.  Who is your favorite well-known figure from American history who (a) never held office, (b) did not write any significant works and (c) died before the year 1850?
2.  If you could imitate any accent perfectly, which one would you enjoy imitating the most?
3.  Tau Ceti is the second closest star to the sun, and very similar to it in size, temperature and stability.  If if you had to write a work of science fiction centered on an earth-like planet around Tau Ceti, what would be the name of the book, and in two or more mid-length paragraphs, the basic gist of the story?  (Include names of characters.)
4.  If you were an Ent from Fangorn, what kind of tree would you resemble?
5.  If you had to travel through a dangerous wood, and you were allowed to carry a sword, a bow and quiver of arrows, and one other weapon of your choice, what weapon would you choose?
6.  See the question above.  What kind of sword would you take? (Rapier, broadsword, etc.)
7.  If you could go back in time and assist one of the Old Testament prophets with his ministry, which one would you choose?
8.  If you were given command of a captured foreign enemy ship, and the privilege was yours to rename the ship, what would you name her?
9.  What is your favorite poem?  By whom?
10.  What is the best knock-knock joke you've ever heard?
11.  Finally, choose any acoustic stringed instrument (besides the 6 string guitar) and do a character sketch.

I tag:
Ezra of Shadow And Glory.  Cause he's my brother.
Arthur of Ivor Boone.  Cause he's also my brother.
Nat of Megatron's Digital Archives.  Cause he's also my brother.
Mary of The Writer's Lair.  Because she's tagged me before.

Galadriel of The Word Smith's Shelf.  Because she tagged Anna, who then tagged me.  This is my way around the "no tag backs" rule.
I'm going to break the "tag 11" rule.  I'm stopping here.