Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blogger Has Pages!

I'll soon be adding pages to my blog. Imagine that!
That was the main advantage that wordpress had over blogger: stand-alone pages. Now blogger has them too! They introduced this new feature January 22nd, 2010.
There's still a downside: blogger limits the amount of pages to 10 (WHY?!?!), and does not make a provision for arranging pages into a hierarchy, let alone allow one to create a separate template for that page. (SIGH.)
But, I am encouraged. This is a first step. Hopefully they will make more (they could start by getting rid of that ridiculous 10-page limit).
With the pages feature came the pages widget. After much wrangling with the CSS code, I was able to combine it with my new page element, the "top bar." I still have some tweaking to do, but I am happy with it for now.

Little by little, my blog is coming together the way I want it to.

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Lostariel said...

Fantastic fish, James.
I would have done more than lurk sooner if I had had anything resembling a helpful contribution. Emphasis on "helpful."