Sunday, March 21, 2010

Never Surrender

It seems the Left is finally pulling the third leg out of our hands.
Healthcare is well on its way to being taken over by our wonderful, benevolent government.
Now, for our own good, they can control our lives and make our decisions for us.
Unless this thing is stopped.
And it will be.
To congress and Speaker Pelosi, I have this to say.
"We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender!"
We're not done. But you are. You can kiss your jobs goodbye in November. Enjoy the corruption, the money, and the drunken feeling of "do-gooder" power for the few months that you have left.


Kyleigh said...

My first reaction to knowing that the bill passed was, admittedly, distress. But then I remembered my reaction to the earthquake in Haiti and many other "disasters." While I'm nervous for America, I'm excited to see what God will do through this, and find comfort in the fact that "God doth undertake / to guide the future as He has the past," (as the hymnwriter put it!).

Even so, I am glad that Samaritan Ministries is exempt from individual mandate.

James Dunn said...

If it weren't for God's Sovereignty, I'd despair too...
...I doubt Samaritan Ministries will be exempt for long (if they actually are -- it's hard to tell from 2500 page bill of gobble-de-gook and the promises of democrats).
Still, the fight's not over. God may have mercy on us and move enough people to elect an overwhelmingly conservative congress, senate, and president over the next two elections, and give us a chance to repeal this bill. The supreme court may also strike down a bunch of the garbage in it.

Anonymous said...

"We're not done. But you are. You can kiss your jobs goodbye in November. Enjoy the corruption, the money, and the drunken feeling of "do-gooder" power for the few months that you have left."

Sounds like a threat against the Government, are you insane or just becoming one of these guys:

James Dunn said...

Anonymous, here's my response.
"Sounds like a threat against the government,"
No, it's a threat to fire the current power-holders in congress via the ballot box. When I said "the few months that you have left," it should have been obvious to you that I was referring to the imminence of November.
"are you insane or just becoming one of these guys: (links to article about murder plot)"
You have just committed the logical fallacy called "the loaded question." It would be like me asking you, "have you stopped beating your wife yet?" Just as I would be assuming that you have beaten your wife in the past, you have assumed that I am advocating violence.
Not at all.
I am not advocating violence, but resistance. To clarify it for you, this is a resistance that does not involve force of arms, but rather of the legal process. I'm surprised you did not site my quotation of Churchill, about fighting in the streets and in the fields to the last man and never surrendering.
You must take it in context.
Our government is taking our liberty away (all for our own good, they say), and we must respond by voting them out and challenging their unconstitutional laws in court (before they stack it with their Statist judges). This legal fight must be carried on until we either achieve victory or are banned from the courts.
Do you care to respond to my response, or did you just leave a comment without any intention of waiting for a reply? (I have no way of knowing unless you respond.)

James Dunn said...

Also, Anonymous, to help you understand what I'm saying, you should read this (you should; in all fairness I read your link).

Anonymous said...

Regardless, when they are searching the web for anti-government activists your blog will come up along with the rest and they won't be looking for explanations...tell it to the Judge.

Anonymous said...

For me, it boils down to this. I want to be compassionate. I want the hatemongering to STOP. I want the fear tactics to cease. I want people to stop being so prideful long enough to listen to each other. I think Jesus calls us to take care of the sick, the hurting, and the poor. I think he calls for us to pray for our government and our leaders, whether we fully agree with them or not.

Whatever comes from all of this, whatever it entails, God knew it before it happened. He will carry us through it. It is not, unless he has planned it to be so, the end the world. And if it is, then I'm one step closer to seeing Jesus.

We need to discuss, listen, share, have open minds, but most of all LOVE. Nothing else really matters.

Try to see some good in things, even if you don't agree with all of it. And please, for the love of God (really), stop with the hate already.

James Dunn said...

Thank you for your reply and for explaining your view. I appreciate it.
I need to point some things out to you, though. You seem to confuse strong opinions with "hate" and "hatemongering". I was not hatemongering. Hate is a serious sin, Anonymous. And you have accused me of it. When you make that serious of a charge, you should have a good reason and be able to back it up. What specifically did I say that was hateful? How have I engaged in hatemongering? It's impossible to stop hating when one hasn't been hating to begin with.
Also, you specifically said "fear tactics." To what specifically were you referring, and what do you mean by it?