Friday, May 23, 2008

Camp for the Summer!

I have finally come to a decision on what to do this summer. Or, rather, God has made his decision clear. I will once again be a senior counselor at New England Frontier Camp in Lovell, ME. I was a senior counselor there in the summers of 2005 and 2006 as well, but not in 2007 (though looking back I wish I had). So I am returning to camp!

Now, there are plenty of Christian camps in my state, Oregon, so how is it that I am going to ME to minister? Well, this may sound strange, but the Camp Director, Mr. Moses, lives in Portland and goes to my church. (He’s originally from the New England area, so he’s been connected to the camp for a while). We are leaving for camp Sunday, May 25th; we being me, my brother Nat, and my good friends Andrew Moses (Mr. Moses’ son) and Josh Manus, and Mr. Moses himself. We will be driving across the country in Mr. Moses’ trusty suburban, complete with a trailer loaded with supplies in the back. Mrs. Moses will fly out there ahead of us, so there will be six of us at camp. We’re going extra early this year; we’ll be at camp for two and a half weeks before “pre-camp” officially starts – and that’s another two weeks before camp itself begins. So we’ll be at camp for a whole month (June) before any campers arrive, and just the six of us for the first half of June.

I will do my best to keep you updated on the summer.


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Anonymous said...

Maybe this is the place to leave my request. First of all have a wonderful time at camp. P pray you will have opportunties to share God's plan of salvation with the children.
I was on your blog before and left you a request (in the comment space) about having you give my husband and I permission to use your essay's about truth in our home group. You can contact me at
Thank you,
Vera Hassell