Sunday, March 30, 2008

So This is the Guy!

So, when I first saw this picture, I laughed. No, not because he looks funny (he looks quite intelligent and dignified, I think). Just two reasons, really. First, I've always wondered what this guy looked like (and kind of imagined a different appearance), so when I finally found a picture of him, I had to laugh. And secondly, just look at his expression. He's laughing about something. So naturally, I've got to laugh with him.
Who is this guy anyway? James D. G. Dunn, that's who. Everyone keeps thinking that I'm named after him. Dr. Will Varner at TMC was able to remember my name that way. I remember when he said to me in class, "You know you're named after a famous theologian, don't you?"
"Yeah," I replied, "But isn't he that New-Perspective guy?"
"Oh!" exclaimed Dr. Varner, hitting his forhead with his hand. "New perspective, the mark of the beast! No, really, he's a nice guy. I had lunch with him once, and he bought me a capachino. He's a great guy."
Yes, I agree. A brilliant man too, although I think he's quite mistaken about Paul's theology. But I don't want to get into theology at the moment; notice I didn't file this post under theology. I just like seeing a guy who goes by the same name wearing a nice big friendly smile. :)

More information on James D. G. Dunn:


Adam Cummings said...

Nice pic... Dr. V. is a funny guy.

Thanks for coming back to my blog and checking up. Yep, things are good. This is my last semester, crazy crazy.

How are things in your neck of the woods?

James Dunn said...

Good to hear you're holding up, Adam!
Ah, things are going quite good...
...although, transfering to Multnomah Bible College has it drawbacks, because of the different study requirements. I've just figured out that I have to study for four years at MBC besides the two years I've already studied at TMC; so, a total of six years of college! Ach! But, I'm "double majoring" in both Greek and Hebrew (two separate majors here), which means I get four years of each. So, I'll be an undergrad for a while yet!

Anonymous said...

I read you on Apricotpie and my husband and I are very impressed with your writing and thinking. We would like to use your writings on Truth in our home group. Would you consider contacting me on my e-mail?
This was the only way I could think to get a hold of you.
Blessings,Vera Hassell