Tuesday, May 15, 2007

"You lost your WHAT!?!?"

That's right, folks, I lost my cell phone! I left it at LAX when we got on the plane. Sometimes absent-mindedness can be a little inconvenient. What a way to start off Chorale Tour, huh?

It's kind of funny. I used to convince myself I would never ever ever own a cell phone. The thing would be like a chain, holding me captive to its technological benefits.

Well, that's exactly what it did!

Now, it's gone. I'm getting back to normal life now.

You know, folks, God is faithful. He'll take care of me, just like he used to before I got a cell phone. And He's sovereign over everything, including this trip. So, I have no need to worry over my cell situation.

This chorale tour has been amazing, and it seems like we've already done so much. And it's only Tuesday Morning -- the adventure has only begun! God is really blessing us and our ministry. Please continue to keep us in your prayers.


Nathan said...

Ahah! So that is why I never trusted your cell phone to get ahold of you! :-)

bard of kepland said...

Hurry up; NYC and I are waiting!

bard of kepland said...

Another post, Quick!