Sunday, May 13, 2007

Picture Time!

Shalom, Y'all! I promised some pictures, didn't I?
Hee hee. Hmmm, should I keep my promise?

Well of course. So here goes:

Here's Paul Elsworth, obviously happy with his delicious treat...

There's Mandy Madrid, also eating though you can't see her food.

Here's one of Doc and Pipes (Doctor Plew and Kyle Swanson, who plays the Irish bag pipes, hence the name "Pipes").

Karl's being his usual smiling self:

As you can see, I like taking snapshots of people when they aren't posing for the camera. Snapshots of reality, you might say. You see, whenever someone notices that I'm taking his or her picture, he or she makes a weird face. Well, a few are somewhat normal. Jason Hunt, for example:

His younger brother Corrie, on the other hand, tends to, um, well, see for yourself.

Oh, Come on, Corrie, no one's laughing... Oh, wait a minute. I guess Karl is. Hee hee.

Yikes, Grant Fonda? What are you doing?

"Um, posing for the camera?"
Hee hee. It's going to be a great tour.

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