Friday, March 05, 2010

Blog Remodeling

Well, as you can tell, I've done something to my blog. It now has three columns. I'm not at all fluent in CSS or HTML, but I finally figured out how to manipulate the right part of the code to get myself a third column. I've wanted a third column for a while, but I didn't want to drastically change the look of my blog: I wanted to keep the basics of Douglas Bowman's "Rounders 3" (the colors, buttons, and rounded corners).
A long time ago (back in '06 I believe, perhaps 07), I modified the Rounders 3 template, stretching out the "elements" to make them wider (and the sidebar a bit narrower). If you want to see what the unmodified Rounders 3 template looks like, go to my brother Ezra's blog that he never updates anymore: I loved the look, but it was too narrow, designed for outmoded PC monitors with low resolution. Now, I've taken the next step and added a third column. I've still got some work to do on it; the dotted line beneath each widget title is missing. I'll figure it out and fix it.
So, now I'm thinking, perhaps I don't want my new sidebar to be green. But then, what color should it be? The blue of the header and footer? The dark blue of the bottom sidebar on the right? White? Yellow? I'm open to suggestions.
Also, I'm wondering which "widgets" (Profile, Followers, Christian Quote of the day, Labels, etc.) I should place in which sidebars. Again, I'd like some input. Any ideas?

UPDATE: I widened the sidebars to their original 240 pixel width (I had previously narrowed them to 200 pixels). Let me know if this causes you to have to scroll from side to side on your computer -- that's my main concern with width.


Kyleigh said...

Brown. I think brown would work for the sidebar (and brown is my favorite color...).
I like the Christian Quote of the Day - there are some really good ones in there.

Ezra said...

My computer can't handle your blog anymore. Too many pixles. Or maybe that's just internet explorer displaying its microsoft roots...

James Dunn said...

Ezra: (sigh) I was afraid of that. I checked my blog from Papa's computer, and he had the same problem (drat those old monitors!). Perhaps a couple of years from now, no one will have that problem. But for now, I have narrowed my blog by fifty pixels, taking them all out of the post-column, which I reduced from 600 px to 550 px (in the original template, the measurement was 468 px). If there is still a width problem, I will have to make further reductions.

James Dunn said...

I almost forgot.
Kyleigh: Thanks for your vote. (I hope you aren't having width problems in your monitor.) You're the only one who's voted so far.
Ezra: Is there still a width problem for you? And, what color should my left side-bar be? If you think it should stay green, say so; but if there's another color that would do, please let me know.
All you lurkers out there: Say something!