Saturday, June 06, 2009

Loading the docks

Today we put the docks in the lake. Or the great H-dock, I should say. It's a giant dock shaped like an H in the middle of the waterfront, hence the title "H-dock". It's made of about twenty-docks segments, each one weighing about 300 pounds. We used the tractor we were renting to lift them up with cables and drop them in the water, and then we stood on them and paddled them like canoes into their positions. We then linked them together (each dock has eye-bolts on its sides, so we fit a metal rod through the eyebolts, and keep the rod in place with cotter pins). A lot of good, hard work. It's nice to have it done. Now we have a place to swim and dock all our saiboats. I'm in the three tractor pictures, with the life jacket and hat. Andrew is helping me steady the dock while Mr. Moses opporates the heavy machinery. To the right is Peter Burger; he and his brother scuba-dived to find the ropes that ancher the floats to which the sailboats attach. To the left is the finished H-dock.

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