Friday, June 05, 2009

Arrived Safely

My brother Nat and I flew out from Portland, Oregon to Portland Maine this Thursday, to spend another wonderful summer at New England Frontier Camp. This will be my fourth time -- and very likely my last; I'm taking a change of pace in my life. I will likely not continue studying at Multnomah University next year, despite not graduating after four years (cue sad violin music). So next year I will probably not be here in Maine again. Alas!
All that to say, I want to make the most of this year here. And part of that is consistently and faithfully updating my blog while I'm here. My brother Isaac isn't with us this summer as he's getting ready to head off to the Merchant Marine academy (which reminds me, I need to finish the video of his graduation and post it on youtube). Isaac was always writing email updates and sending them, so I figured he was covering for me and I slacked off. This time, I don't have Isaac to cover for me, so I've got to do all the updating myself.
Some of you reading my blog may not be familiar with New England Frontier Camp, so I'll explain a little bit. NEFC is a Christian Boys' Camp loosely associated with Christian Boys Brigade, located in the woods in the general vicinity of Lovell, Maine, next to the beautiful lake Kezar. We have six weeks of camp starting at the end of June, going through August. Those six weeks are a great time...
...but I won't spoil it for you. To find out more, you can visit, and continue to follow my updates.


Kyleian said...

That sounds like something my brother would enjoy. He's going to a boyscout camp this year, but most likely will have his Eagle by 2011 (He'll have just turned 13). Maybe then we could convince him to do something non-Boy Scouts but still like boy scouts, like this... or come with me to CSSM (Csehy Summer School of Music).
Anna and I are quite sad, though, that y'all are going to be gone all summer, because she'll be visiting me in WA and my family had talked about going down to Oregon.

Anyways... I have found it amusing how it seems like a lot of people on AP are really busy during the summer - must be homeschoolers - school years with lots of time because you finish school quickly, then summers filled up...

James Dunn said...

That is too bad... we Dunns could probably have rendezvoused with you two. There is my sister Rosie, she's still at home, and my cousin Johannah in Seattle. They're both on Apricotpie.
Perhaps one of these days we'll meet in person.

Kyleian said...

Indeed, someday. :) At this point it looks like I may live with my aunt's family for about 3 months to help homeschool after I graduate (only another year, eek!) and that would be near Seattle as well.
But as that's just someday and there's stuff I need to do now... :P Yes, I'm shirking music practice again, on excuse of inflamed thumbs.
But I have to at least practice oboe because I leave for camp in 4 days.

Until someday... :P