Saturday, December 15, 2007

Well, if you tried me, you must be wondering about my definition of soon. It's been over two months! Well, y'all might like to know that I just got my lower two wisdom teeth removed. The doctor wanted to take all four out, but I wouldn't let him. So now my jaw aches a little, I'm keeping gauz in my mouth (for a few more hours, anyway), and I'm going to have to eat soft foods like Applesause and Pea soup for a while (Pea soup is good if it doesn't have what I call O.T.I.s -- Offensive Texture Inconsistencies. I like it to be perfectly thick and smooth. No carrots, no bacon bits (yuch!).
So, I'll try to post again soon. But I obviously can't guarantee anything.

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LeMaster Systems said...

hehe, so you finally posted ;)