Saturday, March 03, 2012

Blogger Tag.

OK, so evidently there is a blogger tag game going around.  I was tagged by Mary, who was tagged by Anna.  Normally such schinanigans are beneath the dignity of this blog (sniff), but, having nothing better to do...
...why not?
The Rules Are:
1. You must post the rules.   Check.
2. Post eleven fun facts about yourself on the blog post.  Facts, sure.  Fun, maybe.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
4. Tag eleven bloggers, however, you can break the rules and tag fewer people if you want. Make sure you hyperlink their names/blogs.
5. Let them know you’ve tagged them!
6. Have fun!
Eleven fun facts:
1. I yodel.
2. I sing Bass.
3. I play three recorders: a Soprano named Bitty, an Alto named Bessy, and a Tenor named Bertha.  When I get a bass, I will name her Gertrude.
4. I live in Oregon, which is next to God's country.  (God's country is across the Columbia River.)
5. I tune pianos.
6. I teach piano lessons to fifteen students, ranging from age 6 to 96.
7. After twenty-five years of thinking I have no allergies, I discovered two weeks ago that I have at least one: COCONUT OIL.  Yuck.  Makes me sick to my stomach.  No wonder I could never stand the stuff.
8. 8 and 1/2 years of my life, I grew up in Micronesia in the tropical Pacific.  For four of those years we lived next to the beach with the jungle at our backs.  All the rest of my life I have spent in the Willamette Valley in Oregon; as a result, I like living places where it rains and stuff is green year-round.  Deserts are a nice place -- to visit.
9. As a homeschooler who is stereotyped as sheltered, one of my favorite things to do is discover that one of my public-schooled friends has never seen Princess Bride (and you think that I am sheltered?) and make them sit down and watch it, and watch their reaction.
10. I wear a pedometer at all times, and am constantly competing with my parents to see who can get the most steps in a day.  Usually, I win.  Today I've got over 12,000.
11. Someday I would like to homestead, and raise produce and chickens.

I'm bending the rules.  I didn't see a rule that said no tag-backs.  Therefore,  I am tagging:
And I'm stopping there.  If you've already been tagged in this game, feel free to not participate.  But to make up for the fact that I'm not tagging eleven people, I'll not only answer Mary's questions, I'll answer Anna's as well.  Mary's first:

1. What's the weirdest movie you've ever watched?  A Claymation Easter.  Hands down.  Also kinda blasphemous when they start singing Handel's Messiah to the Easter Bunny.  I don't recommend it.

2. If you could choose an actor to become a character they've portrayed and you got to meet him/her, who would you pick?  Jim Varney as Ernest P. Worrel.

3. What's the strangest compliment anyone ever gave you?  "James, James, the paper man!  If he can't do it, nobody can!"  (I was delivering paper to the printers in the dorms at The Master's College.)

4. If you were a weapon, what would you be?  Propaganda.  Closest thing to a mind-control-ray that will ever exist.

5. What's your favorite song from a Disney movie?  Hi-Ho.

6. Of all the programs on your computer, which one do you spend the most time using?  Mozilla Firefox.

7. If you could visit a fictional/fantasy world, which one would you choose?  Narnia, Middle Earth and Arah (My world, see this map).  Don't limit me to one, it won't work.

8. Finish this sentence: "Even though I'm a grownup, I still love..."  Legos.

9. What's the best fort you ever made/had as a kid?  Back when we lived next to the beach in Palau, we'd make them all the time out of bamboo, drift wood and whatever else we found on hand.  Too many good ones to single out just one; though once I built one that included a bridge over a little inlet the ocean had carved in the sand.  That was pretty cool.

10. Share your favorite quote.  "And to think that William Shakespeare worked a life time on something you could butcher in seconds." -- Aster Clement

11. Have you ever had an "I know what you're thinking, but I can explain!" moment? Share it, if you have.  I don't, unless it's right after I blurt out to my grandparents that I'm supporting Ron Paul for president.  I then have to explain that Ron Paul is not nuts and that Rick Santorum is not conservative.

The questions Anna tagged me to answer:
1) If you were a jar, what would you be filled with?  Wood Glue.

2) What is your favorite version of your favorite fairy tale?  None; I make up my own fairy tales.

3) What song are you most likely to burst into when you’re alone? "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God".  Second place, "O Flower of Scotland."  Runners up include "Scots Wha Hae", "St. Brendan's Fair Isle", "Blacksmith of Brandywine", and "Amazing Grace."

4) How do you react when people photograph you? I look like my normal intelligent self.

5) If you could change either your name or an aspect of your appearance, what would you do? I would make my beard grow a bit more fully on the sides.  It's too sparse there for my liking.

6) What do you think is the best death scene in a children’s movie?  Death?  Children?  What?

7) A hawt vampire is stalking you! How do you react?  There's no such thing as hawt, and there's no such thing as vampires.  Chuck Norris has made sure of that.  If there were, I'd plug the monster dead with my revolver.

8) Dr. Seuss or Jim Henson? Ron Paul.

9) Finish this sentence: If I ran Disneyland… I would retire after making $500,000, and homestead the rest of my life.

10) What is your favorite book to read aloud? The Hobbit.

11) Who is your favorite villain? Zurg.

Now, here are my eleven questions.
1.  Who is your favorite well-known figure from American history who (a) was never president, (b) was not a founding father and (c) died before the year 1900?
2.  Who is your favorite theologian/pastor/preacher of all time?
3.  If you had to write a futuristic science-fiction space-travel novel involving a human colony, where would you put this colony?
4.  Obviously, Tolkien and Lewis must be your first and second favorite authors of fantasy worlds.  Who is your third, if you have one?
5.  What is your favorite true story involving an allied soldier in WWII?
6.  If you were exiled on an island, and as part of your daily ration you had fresh water, food, and a can/jar/bottle of some sort of drink/sauce/soup of your choice, what would you choose it to be?
7.  If in this exile, you could only have one book of the Bible, what book would you choose?
8.  If you were some sort of creature (squirrel, otter, mouse, etc) from Brian Jaques' Redwall books, what kind would you be?
9.  What is your favorite Hymn written before the year 1900?
10.  What is your favorite Hymn written after the year 1900?
11.  Besides Jesus, who is your favorite character in the Bible and why?


Kyleigh said...

4. Yes, God's country is either on my side of the Columbia river, or way down in Texas. ;)
6. Teaching piano to a 96 year old sounds like so much fun.
7. Coconut oil is amazing, poor you.
8. Hey - deserts are nice to live in.

Love the Chuck Norris reference. ;)

... and I'm doing the tag again on my blog because I like the questions.

James Dunn said...

@ Kyleigh: Oh, yes, coconut oil is amazing! (So is a nuclear bomb.)
I nearly threw up while teaching piano lessons, because the mother of my students was making popcorn in coconut oil in the kitchen, and the fumes filled the whole house. To ensure my survival, we had to open up doors and windows and get fans blowing. And it was near-freezing outside! (I'm going to have to tune their piano again after this.) I even had to go outside and breathe fresh air to recover and keep myself from fainting. I felt weak the rest of the day.
So, yes, coconut oil is amazing. It took an hour of Mrs. Chandler frying onions, garlic and leaks to ban the bane from her house.
Do not pity me; at least I know when I'm being poisoned. :p
As for deserts -- I've been spoiled. I've never lived where it doesn't rain and there isn't water in abundance. (Except for three semesters in California and one in Israel -- even then my favorite place was Galilee because it was so green.)

Laura Elizabeth said...

Two thumbs up for Ron Paul. I totally agree with your answer to the 'Dr. Seuss or Jim Henson?' answer :D I loathe Seuss stories and the Muppets.

Lostariel said...

Aha, I got you again! See my blog for your award. No tagbacks this time. :P
On vampires - you're totally right, but I must say I was only intending girls to answer (so I could find out how real ones would react to Bella Swan's infamous predicament). Sorry, mate.
On death in children's movies - Never seen Bambi? The Princess Bride? The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe? ANYTHING?
@Laura Elizabeth: O.O But we were friends!

Lostariel said...

I actually tagged you this time. YOU IGNORED THE LAST ONE, SO THIS TIME YOU HAVE TO.