Sunday, November 07, 2010


An Explanation
The above cartoon expresses the journey of America's swing voter over the last two years.  (DUDE.)  The reason it uses the word dude is because it is playing off of the fact that liberal TV talk show host Jon Stewart, hosting Obama in the last week before the election, was a bit warn out by Obama's socialist talking points and at one point showed his lack of respect for Obama by calling him "Dude."  This is depicted in the second to last frame.
Understand that some of what I say below is facetious.
There were many people (swing voters) who got all excited about Obama's "Hope and Change" campaign in 2008.  (DUDE)  They thought it would be so cool to have a change from the politically marginalized George W. Bush.  Obama was so fresh -- so young and "hip" (whatever that's supposed to mean).
And on top of that, Obama was a serious black candidate (well, half white, a quarter black, and a quarter Arab).  If he was elected it would be so historic!  And no one could say we were racist any more.
And McCain was an old geezer who hardly new what he was doing anyway.
So, the swing voter went for Obama.  Obama won, and the swing voter was so happy.  (DUDE!)
Now, of course, those of us who knew better (because we were conservatives and knew what we believed, as opposed to moderates who go where the wind blows) warned the nation that Obama, although trying to run as a moderate, was a die-hard America-hating socialist.  We had evidence.  But we were dismissed as partisan hacks.
Fine, we said.  You elected Obama.  We warned you.  Now you'll see.
Sure enough, the swing voter saw.
Obama passed an outrageous stimulus bill.  (DUDE?!)
Then he, Pelosi and Reid spent almost a year shoving Obamacare down our throats, even as we begged them not to.
Finally, the swing voter could no longer stomach the "hope and change" he had voted for two years ago.
Opposition to Obama increased.  Obama's opponents, of course, were labeled as racists by his supporters.
(To which the disgusted swing voter replies, DUDE)


Kyleigh said...

I don't quite get the comic...

I'm having somewhat of a problem with tuning. I can hear the beats clear as day with just one note, but with another note I'm hearing about 2 other sounds as well.
It's just become a problem; I heard just the beat when doing intervals and octaves before, but now I'm trying to set the temperment and I'm not sure which noise to be counting. I know there's probably not a lot you can help with without hearing but do you ever get that?

James Dunn said...

Hi Kyleigh,
Yes, I encounter conflicting sounds and "beats" quite frequently, all over the piano but especially in the bass section. Setting the temperament is definitely the hardest part of learning to tune. It caused no end of frustration to me; it took me at least an hour to get it the first time I tried.
Theoretically, if you're hearing false beats, the false beats shouldn't change when you turn the pin, while the real beat will change.
I'm afraid the only advice I can give is to just keep at it. With time it should become easier to figure it out.