Saturday, September 04, 2010

A Family Hymn Book

I have various projects I'm working on. One that I want to start is creating a family hymnal. My plan is to put the hymnal in a three-ring binder, and divide it into several major sections: A Christmas section, a Resurrection section (Easter, though I don't like to use that name because of its pagan connotations), a Thanksgiving section, a Patriotic section, and a non-occasion-specific section (which would, of course, be the largest section). Within each section, all the hymns would be arranged in alphabetical order, without being numbered. That way, we could continue to add new hymns to the hymnal without disrupting a number-system.
I'm going to print these hymns out with a free music program I downloaded some years ago. I may even tweak the arrangements a bit.
There's more I'd like to write about this project, but I've run out of time so I'll just post what I have here.
The first hymn I'll work on will be, of course, Amazing Grace.

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Kyleigh said...

James, you're brilliant. I don't know why I never thought of doing that before. I'm so picky about hymnals - we have some that our family uses, but the one I'm most familiar with is what we use at camp... and neither of them have all of the hymns I like, and definitely not with the verses I like or the way I like 'em (I hate it when they change it to modern English when I'm used to singing it in middle English!).
But if you compile it yourself... and do it alphabetically... and leave out ones that aren't sound... and add your own hymns and ones friends of yours have written...
I think I have to steal your idea.