Friday, February 12, 2010

Two Very Different Men.

201 years ago today, two men were born. Two very different men. Two men who walked down two very different paths. Two men who would leave two very different legacies.

Need I say more?


Lostariel said...

Poor man.

Kyleigh said...

I find it so ironic how the birth of a man can bring so much death.

James Dunn said...

It wasn't so much Darwin's birth -- I only noted his birth because it happened to be his birthday, which he shares with Lincoln, and a birthday is the most usual time to reflect on an individual. It's Darwin's ideas that have lead to so much death, both spiritual and physical. So many whose hearts are hardened against the gospel because the believe it's been discredited. So many people murdered under regimes and institutions that found their inspiration in Darwin -- From Adolph Hitler to Margaret Sanger. Death is indeed Darwin's legacy -- but if he hadn't been born, someone else would have come up with their own "origins of species." Darwin was merely at the forefront of a movement to explain existence apart from God -- if he had never been born, someone else of his time would have left the same legacy.
It's such a sick and broken world we live in.

Kyleigh said...

Well, yes, I didn't mean his actual birth in and of itself, but because he was born he was able to come up with his ideas - though as you noted others would have done the same (and to some extent already had - Malthus, for example).

It makes me so thankful that even though we live in a sick and broken world, that we have the Great Physician.

James Dunn said...