Friday, January 29, 2010

Writing Frustrations

I really want to write more often. And I don't want to write just about politics. Yet that's what I've been doing lately. Well, correction: I've been letting others write about politics. Four in a row: two videos and two articles by other people, all about politics and political ideology. And before that, three posts by me about the same thing.
Don't get me wrong, discussing politics is important; but if that's the only thing, it's woefully unbalanced. Politics is not the queen of all sciences, after all: that title goes to Theology. If America falls, if liberty vanishes, if children are confiscated to be brainwashed -- yea, even if we are all to be tortured and slaughtered -- Yahweh is still sovereign. He sits on his throne in heaven, and scoffs at the nations, the kings, the political leaders, the presidents, who say, "let us throw off our Creator's chains." He is ready to pour out his wrath on this world -- political victories by those who love what is true and right will only be temporary. Eventually, this whole world will fall into rebellion, and choose for themselves a man as their "messiah" instead of Jesus -- who is Lord --, and they will worship him as a god and spurn the True and Living God. Then God will pour out his judgment on a wicked people (from whom, by the way, all of us who trust in Jesus the Lord have been saved by God's sovereign grace -- we have nothing to boast about other than the torturous, bloody, shameful, scandalous cross).
I suppose I am getting long winded here. All that is to say: politics are relatively unimportant. Our nation (great as it is and as much as I love it) won't last forever -- but people will. Everyone on earth is marching toward a lasting eternity in hell, unless he or she believes the message of the torturous, bloody, shameful, scandalous cross, confessing Jesus is Lord.
I hate lies. I hate it when people tell lies. I hate it when people tell lies they don't believe. I hate it when people tell lies they do believe. I hate it when gullible people believe these lies. No matter what the lie is about, I hate it. Lies are everywhere, and everywhere people believe them, whether it is about theology, scripture, the life that pleases God, or politics.
I must confess: I tend to be unbalanced in the arena of political happenings. I am a citizen of heaven by the Grace of God, yet all to often I find myself consumed over the human destruction of my earthly home, my country, rapidly loosing its liberty, and any remaining vestiges of its Christian heritage -- one that used to acknowledge Jesus as Lord. I must remember this world is not my home. If I have to suffer under an ungodly dictatorship for the fifty, sixty or agonizing seventy remaining years of my life, hiding my children from the clutches of Caesar, loosing my loved ones, facing separation, torture, and possibly martyrdom, what is that compared to an eternity with my Lord, who saved me?
I will continue to post about political things, but that will by no means be the only thing I post about. A country at stake is a great matter; an eternity is infinitely more.


Kyleigh said...

Two of my favorite political articles are "No King but Jesus" by Matt Chancey and "5 Things Which are No Different," by Mr. Phillips.
It's so hard for me to remember that in the midst of all of this political turmoil, God's perfect plan will always triumph.
Thanks for another reminder of God's sovereignty. I am so thankful that He's got it all worked out and under control - I just pray He'll give me the grace to trust Him in it all!

Lostariel said...

Thank you for your honesty.

Anonymous said...

You nearly made me cry reading this. I feel really discouraged sometimes, but... Jesus IS King of kings, and someday both we and our enemies will have their reward.