Thursday, November 05, 2009

A little perspective.

The tall stack is the Democrat Healthcare Bill. It is 1,990 Pages.
The short stack is the Republican Healthcare Bill. It is 219 Pages.

A congressman has no business voting "yes" on a bill he hasn't read. And this picture demonstrates that if any congressman claims he's read the bill, the odds are he's lying, 1,990 to 219.

If it weren't for the handful of freedom fighters advocating for sanity, I would say, "FIRE THEM ALL!"


Kyleigh said...

I agree.
A year ago we got to go to the Capitol building in DC and had a tour arranged by our Pastor, who knows one of the congressmen there - a congressman who actually reads all of the bills (though sometimes his interns read them and give him an outline).


James Dunn said...

Nice... Do you know the congressman's name, by chance?
I went to D.C. back in the summer of '04. It was during the same week that Ronald Reagan passed away.
There should be some sort of legal code that forces congress to write each bill in concise, understandable English, and limits each bill to twenty pages, Times New Roman font, 12-point and double-spaced, with 1-inch margins. I tried to read both of the bills pictured above (I found them in PDF format), but soon gave up. Even the Republican Bill is outrageously long -- 219 pages is not a short read! At least you can pick it up without breaking your back, though.

Kyleigh said...

I don't remember it - he was from Texas, and goes to Capitol Hill Baptist (hence our pastor knew him, our pastor was saved and trained at CHB).
I want to say that either his first or last name started with a T, but I may be completely off!

There should be a law like that, but then I wonder how many would vote for it - both for the writing, and because then they'd have no excuse to not read it!

Kyleigh said...

It passed in the House yesterday.
I read that this morning in our news headlines email and don't know if I've stopped praying since.
We are in God's hands...