Saturday, January 27, 2007

Beginning Spring 2007

Well, I am going to start using this blog more often now. Hee hee, if I even blog, that is. This semester is going to be probably the busiest of my life. I have the usual 16 1/2 credits, but now I'm doing 20 hours of work study (with plant ops!), to make up for the fact that I had no work study while I was in IBEX last semester.
Besides Chorale and Collegiate, I'm taking five classes: Elementary Hebrew II (of course!), Milton (a 400 level class), Biblical Interpretation, Foundations of Science, and Computer Hardware (nothing to do with my major, but I need to increase my computer skills. It was the only computer class available this semester without prerequisites).
I'm also working in the college cafeteria during brunch, to help pay for Choral Tour at the end of school.
I expect to learn a lot this semester, outside the classroom. I'm begining to feel tired already from all the work -- my hope is that God will teach me to depend on Him for strength. Also, please pray for me, that I will stay in God's Word daily. This is my greatest challenge, and my greatest weakness. And it is absolutely vital in order to live in obedience to God.

By the way, I have found this great verse in the Tenakh (Old Testament), and am memorizing it. It pretty much sums up the focus of the Gospel.

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